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Port City Pickleball Open


Presented by Baumhower's Victory Grille

Proceeds from this tournament went to the Boys and Girls Club of South Alabama to purchase the kids pickleball equipment and teach them this sport we love.

HERE to learn more about what they do.


Mixed 3.0
1st: Sydney and Colin
2nd: Ricky and Ana
3rd: Grey and Allison

Mixed 3.5+
1st: Andrew and Sandy
2nd: Christy and Mike
3rd: Lisa and Aiden

Women's 3.5+
1st: Jenny and Sandy
2nd: Lisa and Paula
3rd: Rachel and Christy

Women's 3.0
1st: Wendy and Tammy
2nd: Lyona and Lexia
3rd: Ana and Lili

Singles Intermediate
1st: Greg
2nd: John
3rd: Oliver

Singles Advanced
1st: Dex
2nd: Juan
3rd: Kolby

Men's 3.0

1st: Colin and Zack
2nd: Donnie and Trip
3rd: Lucas and Jonathan

Men's 3.5
1st: Brandon and Chris
2nd: Alec and David
3rd: Jett and Ellis

Men's 4.0+
1st: Jared and Russell
2nd: Brad and Kolby
3rd: Jonathan and Ryan

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